O’Toole promises to end Trudeau’s divisive politics and broken promises

September 16, 2021

September 15, 2021

Jonquiere, Quebec- Today, the Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, called on Canadians to vote to end Justin Trudeau’s culture of reckless spending, divisive politics, and broken promises in Ottawa. 

“This is an election about whether or not we want to reward Justin Trudeau for breaking his promise and calling an unnecessary $600-million election in the middle of a pandemic,” said O’Toole. “Can you trust someone who will call an election in the middle of a pandemic?”

Canadians know exactly how a Conservative government will secure the future for everyone with Canada’s Recovery Plan, an ambitious, positive plan for the country’s recovery. 

With Canada’s Recovery Plan, Conservatives will: 

  • Secure Jobs by recovering the one million jobs lost during the pandemic.
  • Secure Accountability by enacting a new anti-corruption law.
  • Secure Mental Health by implementing the Canada Mental Health Action Plan.
  • Secure our Country by ensuring preparedness for future pandemics and crises. 
  • Secure our Economy by getting spending under control and balancing the budget over the next decade. 

Mr. O’Toole also reiterated the main commitments of his Contract with Quebecers:

  • Establish a true partnership federalism that respects Quebec’s jurisdiction.
  • Ensure stable, predictable, and unconditional health transfers.
  • Increase Quebec’s immigration powers.
  • Protect the French language by applying Bill 101 to federally regulated businesses.
  • Respect Quebec’s right to adopt its own laws, such as the law on the secularism of the state.
  • Implement a single tax return.

An O’Toole government will ensure no Canadian is left behind. Conservatives will make life more affordable by giving Canadians a GST holiday this December, cracking down on price-fixing to lower grocery prices, and building one million homes to lower housing prices.

“If you are tired of being ignored, being taken for granted, and told you shouldn’t be proud to be Canadian, your only option is to vote Conservative,” concluded O’Toole. “If you are worried about Mr. Trudeau’s reckless spending, his massive debt, and rising prices, there is just one choice - Canada’s Conservatives.”




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