About our Riding

EDAs are the basic unit of a political party, acting as the point of contact between members and the party. Democracy demands participation by all citizens in the affairs of the country. We ensure that our Member of Parliament has the fullest input from his constituents.

We are hard-working volunteers who fundraise at events across the riding. Our generous donations fuel the Conservative agenda right here in Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock (HKLB). And when election time comes, it is our tireless effort that makes the difference between victory and defeat. We nominate and select candidates, set up office, knock on doors, rev up the marketing engine, and do our best to encourage supporters to fill the donation tank. As the party’s grassroots, we are the front lines. And we are always grateful for your support.


Who are the people of Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock?

The people here are as strong as our riding is beautiful. We put our hands to hard work, our voices to causes, and our hearts and minds to the challenges we face. We take care of our neighbours. We teach our children how to learn good things, grow good crops, make good choices, and respect those who have done these things a good deal longer than they have! We are a polite people who roll up our sleeves for the good of our towns, and we take our weekends seriously. We hear loons and frogs when we sleep, but we’re a cozy drive from Toronto when we want a louder scene. We are farmers, machinists, protectors, and conservationists. We are gardeners, artists, doctors, trades people, and store owners. We pitch in and we take pride in our old buildings, stretches of natural land, and common sense. We have history, morals, and intention. And we know how to enjoy life here together.